Monday, August 24, 2009

The Door that Nearly Crushed Me - To Death

Not a good combination - low blood sugar and chitosis. These combined can dull your senses, as though you were intoxicated.
Being on a strict diet, I didn't adjust for the Ramadan fast. As a result, I found myself hopping out of my car while the engine was running without first pulling its handbrake and putting the shift in neutral.
The result? I had to jump back into my car when it started moving off without me in it!
The trouble was, the car was at the gate to my old house, and as I was jumping back in, the gate pushed the driver side door shut, crushing me in the process.
I felt like dying! I couldn't breathe.
The car kept moving causing the car door to crush me further. Luckily, I managed to pull the handbrake and wriggle myself out.
Goodness! What was I thinking? All I wanted to do was ensure that the gate didn't scratch my car door as I was going into the driveway.
Instead, I ended up causing a lot more damage to the car and placed my life in danger in the process.
The picture above of the damage to my car door doesn't look like much. Thanks to the solid build of the Ford Focus S2.0, the dents and scratches are almost impreceptible.
But the pain to my body wasn't. God! It was painful.
No more trying to stay off sugars and carbs during Ramadan. And no more doing things alone when I'm severely fatigued.
I nearly died today, but Allah has spared me, for now...
Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah).


Addendum: Dangit! The repairs are costing me close to RM600 just for the front door. Oh, well. Dugaan (trial/tribulation) for something good that's coming my way, by Allah's Will.

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