Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quicky Tyre Upgrade – Yokohama C.Drive 2 195/60 R15

Here’s a quicky upgrade for those who, like me, are never satisfied with ridiculously small tyres. Relative to the wheel well, your rims could be ok, but your tyre width and height are just wrong, or even comical.

Instead of getting rid of your perfectly good, factory fitted rims, just upgrade the width and height of your tyres. The difference can be quite remarkable.

Not only would your car look better, it would also handle better as well.

Don’t overdo it, though. If you’re not looking to make your car look like an SUV, then you don’t want to put in donuts for tyres. Besides, too big a tyre would just result in scraping of the wheel well or fender.

At the same time, too big a tyre would result in a significant reduction in fuel economy as well as greater wear and tear on the auto-shift and brakes.

For instance, if your factory fitted tyres are 185/55 R15 and there is still a huge gap between your tyre and fender, then going up to 195/60 R15 is just about right. 205/60 would be too fat and too heavy.

And this exercise doesn’t have to be too expensive – women’s shoes like TODs can easily cost RM1000+, whereas four Yokohama C.Drive 2 195/60 R15 costs less than RM700 if you trade in your smaller factory fitted tyres.