Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Toyota Altis - An Ugly Car that's Turned Cute

My colleague who would be retiring in a few years time bought the new Toyota Altis 1.8L. This was despite the fact that she initially said it was ugly.
I thought I had convinced her to buy the Honda Civic 1.8L, which is a much better looking car than the silly looking Altis. But no.
She said, her mechanic said that Altis is the best car in the mid-range segment. It has good resale value and 'good handling'.
Well, it has been said that if you put the Toyota badge on just about anything, people would think that it's a good thing because it's Toyota.
As for 'good handling', it has been said that the Altis feels like a 'sampan' or little rowboat.
But I suppose, for a soon-to-retire person, the Altis is good because it's soft and floaty - fit for an old person. And in case she needs to sell it, it would be able to fetch a better-than-average resale price.
Last but not least, she now thinks that the Altis looks OK and by that I think she means it looks cute, which is ugly in a nice way.
Oh, well....

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