Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goodbye to My Old Blogsite, Hello to My New

For some people, familiarity breeds contempt. For me, more often than not, familiarity breeds contentment.
After more than a year blogging at my Yahoo! 360 blogsite, I'm forced to abandon the comfort of familiarity offered by my old blogsite, because Yahoo is shutting it down.
For those who have been frequenting my blogs, I've tried as best as I could to replicate the look and feel of my old blogsite at my new one.
Hope you'll continue to visit it often.


  1. Hey you! Didn't realise Yahoo blog was going bust. Good to see you on blogspot :-)

  2. Hi Ellen. Yahoo! 360 is making way for Yahoo! Live experience - whatever that means. From my initial impression, it's supposed to be a mixture of Facebook and blogging, among other things.
    Too complicated for me, especially since I'm already on Facebook and I'm contented to just blog in addition to being on Facebook.