Sunday, May 31, 2009

Proton's Xchange Programme for Any Old Iron

The value of second hand cars have dropped considerably due to the global recession that continues to wash over Malaysia's economy. So, don't expect a high trade-in price for your old car, especially if it's an old and mouldy rust bucket that's about to suffer a complete breakdown.

Fortunately, Proton's Xchange programme ensures that regardless of the condition of your old car, you'd be able to trade it in for a minimum price of RM5,000, except for those that have been illegally tempered with.

"All car models are eligible under the programme. Nevertheless, these cars must first be tested and certified by Puspakom Sdn Bhd to ensure that they are not illegally tampered with," Proton said. (see

An obvious example of illegal tempering would be a chop-job or 'kereta potong' that's been poorly welded together.

Strangely enough, many of the cars that qualify for the RM5,000 Xchange programme would only be fit for the junkyard anyway. So, why be so particular?

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