Sunday, May 31, 2009

Snatch Thieves - I Pray for Their Destruction Each Day

Snatch thieves. These are people without consciences or whose consciences have been silenced by Allah.
They do not fear the consequences of their evil actions. They only covet illicit gains regardless of the pain and suffering they cause others.
As motorists, we all should be extra careful when we hear a motorcycle come up from behind, especially if there's a pillion rider on the motorcycle as well. From observation, it's the pillion rider who usually does the snatching.
If you're walking alone, always look over your shoulder when you hear a motorcycle drawing near. Be prepared to take evasive action.
Fight only as a last resort, because these criminals come prepared with knives and other weapons.
Some may even be so bold as to attack people in cars. Be sure to reinforce your car windows with security tints - Citibank is running a promotion for security tinting for Platinum card holders in cooperation with Cars International for only RM499.
Ultimately, the best defence is prayer to Allah. Each day, I pray for the destruction of snatch thieves.
I pray that they meet their end on the roads. I pray that they die of gunshot wounds.
I pray that they die fighting each other.
Alhamdulillah, many of my prayers have been answered, as can be seen in the many recent news reports of snatch thieves receiving their comeuppances. And I believe it's because Allah hastens the punishment for those who are evil to others.
So, let us all do what we need to, in defence against snatch thieves. And let us all pray, each day, for the destruction of snatch thieves.

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