Saturday, May 30, 2009

MechWarrior Web Novel Written by Yours Truly

As frequent readers of my blogs know, my Grinner's Cars Malaysia Blog is more than just a blog on cars. It has entries on politics, economics and social commentaries.
At the Yahoo! 360 site where Grinner's Cars Malaysia Blog used to be hosted, I also flashed something I hoped people would read - my webnovel called "Winds of Change" written several years ago. Based on the MechWarrior classic universe, I wrote it as a fan fiction because I couldn't get accreditation from its copyright holders and book publishers.
I also wrote it because I wasn't satisfied with the storylines that were being used towards the end of the franchise's lifespan.
Anyway, please have a read when you get the time. It was a one-man effort and, so, the editing was a little rough and ready.
Nonetheless, I've had favourable feedback (as well as constructive feedback) from readers who took the time to read all 13 chapters of my webnovel.
Click on the following link to check it out:

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