Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twlight has a New Playmate - Brush Brown

My new housing area in Glenmarie Cove has lots of wild dogs of the Telomian kind. These dogs are beautifully sleek.
They're hardy and look like Dingos, except that they're more ash-brown than yellow in colour.
This morning, I had a lucky find - a puppy Telomian who was happily tailing a security guard on a bike doing his rounds.
"Itu anjing you, ke?" I asked. (Is that your dog?)
"Tara... ini ikut saja...," the guard replied. (No, he's just following me.)
"Wowiee!" I said to my son.
Apparently, Twilight didn't approve, at least in the beginning. She growled and yapped at the little Telomian, causing it to hide behind a bin.
I quickly went to the puppy, picked him up and brought him home.
Twilight growled and yapped all the way, but as soon as we reached home, she started warming up to the little guy.
The family has decided to call the little puppy "Brush Brown" - he looks fluffy like a brush and is, well, brown.
Brush and Twilight are now best of friends.
Unfortunately, Twilight doesn't seem to know her limits. At times, she overwhelms Brush so much that the little Telomian puppy goes into fight mode.
And he's so cute when he does.
Despite being so little, he's fierce. What a true Telomian he is :)


  1. They're such gems, aren't they?
    And both were strays that were picked up. No big money involved, or at least not yet :)