Sunday, June 21, 2009

Attempted Break-in at USJ9 House

USJ is starting to be really unsafe, or at least that's the feeling that I'm getting these days. It used to be a really nice place to stay, but after yesterday's attempted break-in, I'm glad I'm moving to my new house in Glenmarie Cove.
If you look at the picture above closely, you'd see that the thief attempted to smash the reinforced pad-lock open. Good thing the padlock is tough and the thing it's holding on to appears tough as well (though somewhat bent now).
I've triple-reinforced the back, which is why there was no attempt to break into the house from the back (at least as far as I could tell).
Funny thing is, my neighbours are around, which makes the thief one daring bastard.
I suspect he pretended to be family and had a set of duplicates. But since the padlock to the front door is new, he couldn't get in, hence the attempt to smash the padlock away.
And how would he have duplicates? I've inadvertently left my house keys in my car when I sent it for polishing more than a couple of times. And my former maid used to wonder off with the keys whenever she left the house without permission.
So, it's quite possible that my house keys could have been duplicated as a result.
Let's hope the thief doesn't get more brave and ingenious any time soon.

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