Saturday, June 13, 2009

Retire in Comfort with a Peugeot 407

Several months back, Naza relaunched the popular Peugeot 407 with 40 per cent local components. At RM125,888 on the road (OTR) with insurance for "standard" variant and RM133,888 OTR with insurance for "premium" variant, the relaunched 407 became a serious contender in the 2.0L market segment dominated by Toyota and Honda.
However, despite the drop in price, 407s don't appear to have increased in popularity to such an extent that they would threaten to unseat Honda Civics and Accords, let alone the Toyota Camry.
Out of curiosity, my wife and I test drove the 407 to see if its previous exclusivity has helped to sustain its desirability. After about 15 minutes driving the car around KL, we came to the same conclusion - it's really 'uncle' in its driving feel.
Granted that its seats are plush and comfortable, the 407 feels soft and floaty, and doesn't feel punchy. Push the 'S' button and it responds a little better, but it still doesn't feel as punchy and sure footed as the Mazda 6 - my wife's current car and baseline comparison.
Plus, the 407's external and interior looks are a bit dated, which means that if you are in the market for a refresh, the 407 won't do it for you.
However, the 40xs are built to last a very long time. My dad used to own a 404 back in the 70s and early 80s. It was solid as a rock and reliable to a T.
Although it suffered from a little rust and looked like it was a car designed for the swinging 60s, it would go on and on, and on....
One thing my late father regretted about the 404 was that he sold it in exchange for a Volvo 244. "I should have kept it," he said.
Well, if you want a car that would go on and on, and on, and you're ready to wind down your career and retire in comfort - if you're ready to drive uncle style that is - go for the 407.

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