Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Moment's Glory Followed by Almost Certain Death...

Among the things that I hardly ever feature at my Grinner's Cars Malaysia Blog site are super bikes. It's not that I don't like them or I'm not fascinated by them. I fear them and I don't want my kids to take to them.
As a boy, I was obsessed with them, until my first bike accident at 13 years old. Riding my bother-in-law's Suzuki scrambler, my dirt-biking adventure was cut short when I crashed into a deep gully.
Although I wasn't seriously hurt, it was really, really painful.
Of course, that single incident wasn't enough to throw me off bikes, but it was one of the major incidences that built up to it, like the super bike crash that killed a taxi passenger and the bike rider back in the 1980s in front of the then Asiajaya shopping complex (now Armada Hotel).
Recently, I saw a super biker breathe the last breaths of his life after he was knocked down by a Honda CRV through no fault of his own. Only minutes before that, the old chap looked super cool cruising slowly in front of the bank I was at.
"A moment's glory, followed by almost certain death," was the thought that went through my head when the bank guards rushed to his aid.
Surely enough, shortly after that, the old super biker laid silently in corpse position with his hands placed in Muslim prayer over his midriff.
No, no bikes for me or my kids. I'd rather they take the bus, LRT, or taxi.
I'd even go into debt just to buy them cars if this would keep them off bikes.

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