Sunday, June 7, 2009

Focus S2.0 vs Peugeot "Pug" 308 Turbo HP

As I said I would, I test drove the Peugeot "Pug" 308 Turbo HP to see how it would measure up to my Ford Focus S2.0. And the verdict? The Pug is better in almost every way.

Sigh! Now I really have a problem on my hands.

If the Pug were inferior, I wouldn't be so, so tempted to buy it come September 2009 when my bonus comes in. As it were, I'm sold on the idea of buying it!

Despite being powered by a mere 1.6L engine, the Pug's turbo charger makes it churn out as much break horse power (Bhp) as my darling Focus S2.0. But since it's a smaller-engine car and hence lighter, the Pug's acceleration is far superior the my darling Focus.

How superior? My Focus is fast. It terms of acceleration, it'll leave most cars behind from 0-100Km/h.

The Pug? It'll leave my darling Focus in its wake.

Plus, being in the Pug makes me feel like I'm really in a modern car - digital displays, automatic sensors, more contemporary cabin layout, etc. So much so, compared to the Pug, my darling Focus feels rather basic and even dated.

And the car is about the same size, too.

Of course, the Pug's rear is not quite as nice as my darling Focus' rear. But it's not like I can't get used to that, just like how I got used to the plain looking rear of my Focus.

What's more, the Pug would come with factory fitted 17 inch rims and tyres - no need to spend extra money swapping out silly 16 inch rims and tyres like I had to with my darling Focus. And if I get tired of them, next bonus cycle, I would put in 18 inch rims and tyres.

But then, all this excitement and anticipation could be for nothing.
Right now, I'm pretty much taken in by the Pug. However, I have till September to make my final decision.
This cooling off period might result in more sensibility taking hold.

For example, with all the electronic bling-blings that go into the Pug, after its 3-year warranty period ends, it'll be a real headache footing the repair bills for those electronics.

For that matter, the whole idea of getting a new car is so that I don't have to worry about my Focus' steep maintenance costs. With the Pug, the costs would be about the same, if not more.

In which case, it could be like jumping from the frying pan and into the fire.

Still, the Pug is such an excellent car. Although I'm so much in love with my darling Focus, right now, I can't help but feel that I have to have the Pug!

Anyway, if you're in the market for a mid-range pocket rocket that costs about RM115,000, forget the Ford Focus S2.0. Go for the Pug.

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