Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Snatch Thief Bites the Dust

My son's friend took his big dog out for a walk to the neighbourhood shops with his mom and dad. Along came two guys on a motorcycle who decided to do a quick snatch and run.
Boy! What a big mistake that was - for the snatch thieves.
The big dog was set loose. It quickly caught up with the thieves, bit the pillion rider in the calf and literally dragged him off the motorcycle.
The bastard was kicking and screaming, and begging for his life.
The dog was duly called off and the bastard of a snatch thief was dragged to a clinic for treatment - humanitarian gesture - and then marched off to the nearest police beat.
Yet another one bites the dust! Padan muka...


  1. Bravo!!! And your article on the new "furry" addition to your family should be an eye opener to a lot of ppl. At his current age, unfortunately peer pressure and social acceptance is more important than anything else...imagine him having to "convince" all his friends that his dad did nothing wrong when all their parents disagree???

  2. Well, the challenge for my son is learning how to stand up for what is right, even though his peers pressure him to do otherwise. This would build character in the end.
    "You have to learn to be your own person," was my final advice to him when he wanted to hide the dog away.
    "Don't you think your friends won't find out in the end?" I asked rethorically.