Saturday, May 30, 2009

Forced to Migrate from Yahoo! 360

Yahoo! 360 is shutting down on 13 July 2009. So, I'm forced to move to blogspot. I'm still feeling my way through and don't find the interface as easy as Yahoo! 360's.
Furthermore, I can't figure out how to import my old blogs postings from Yahoo! 360 to this new blogsite of mine. The function is there but it's taking, like, forever to process.
The upside to this new blogsite of mine is that the address is more easily remembered. Instead of some seemingly random numbers, followers of my blogs need only key in 'grinnerscarsmalaysiablog.blogspot' at the URL section of the browser and hit CTRL+ Enter, and my blogsite will appear.


  1. Dangit! Now I have to start my page view counter all over again.
    From an ego-stoking 11,500+, it's back to single digits.
    Oh, well... at least I get to continue with my Grinner's Cars Malaysia Blog.
    By the way, it took me nearly two hours just to put in the counter - blogspot doesn't provide for one automatically. I had to find the code and past it myself.

  2. Christ!!! Boring blog here u've got...except for the pic of yr nice ride but high on maintenance after 3 yrs. Cheers!

  3. Some like it, some don't. Can't please everyone.
    Thanks for the comment, though.