Monday, August 13, 2012

Mazda SHINARI Concept - New Mazda 6

If you think the new Volvo S60 is beautiful, then check out the Mazda SHINARI Concept car, which is rumoured to be the template for the upcoming new Mazda 6. It's far more beautiful and stylistic.

In anticipation of the launch of the new Mazda 6, Bermaz is clearing stock of the outgoing Mazda 6 with a RM20,000 discount promotion. According to one of the sales persons who has seen the new Mazda 6, the new version has smaller headlights and sleeker looking front (pretty much like the SHINARI Concept).

Price? Don't know yet.

But for those who want to see what the new Mazda 6 could look like, check out the similarities between the SHINARI Concept and the new CX5.


  1. You’re absolutely right. This Mazda Shinari Concept looks amazing! It brings to reality the image of what a beautiful car looks in your mind. I like the sporty curves and the sleek lines, but most especially the aggressive front side. I think they did a great job going for the smaller headlamps here. The design theme “KODO”, which means “Soul of Motion”, is the best word to describe how it looks.

  2. In addition, Mazda 6 not just retains its very good handling features. It also comes with six different levels of trim. Its exterior stands out from the rest of the sedans which is very tempting to everyone, and its interior is sleek and classy which a bit spacious than the previous model. Those are just some of the upgrades they had on Mazda 6.

  3. This car really looks fantastic! My wife and I came to a car show once and saw this one. She was so tempted to buy it especially that the auto show had great deals for the car. Well, I think it’s one of the cars that we’ll consider buying, only when we’re done with the house redo. :)