Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goodbye My Darling Forte

Yes, I did it again. After upgrading the car that I love to bits, I went and bought a new car.

So, now, I have to say goodbye to my darling Forte, because it doesn't make sense to keep two good cars and pay almost twice as much as I have to. After all, I'm driving my new car more - yes, that's me being reasonable :P

What car did I buy? The far superior and far more stylish Mazda6 2.5 S-VT (which I've reviewed before).

I should be so lucky, you think? Why not keep both?

Yes, I'd love to keep both the Forte and the Mazda6, but dear wifey won't let me. "Better spend the money on me!" she says and she's right, of course :)

So, here's me saying goodbye and paying tribute to my darling Forte:

I'll always remember
that rainy Monday morning
How much joy I got
going fast in my new red cruiser
Only to hit a deep puddle and go spinning
"Oh! God. My new car" I screamed
as I saw the concrete divider
Rushing in for a devastating front-ender
But my darling Forte
You kept it away
With your fantastic 180 manoeuvre
Thank God
And thank you...

My darling 2.0L beauty is now for sale at RM78,000 ono.



  1. Been following your blog for 2 years. You are taking over your Wife's Mazda 6 2.5. So what's your wife driving now?

  2. She's driving a Beamer 323i

    I thought she was better off with the new 320d, but she didn't fancy a diesel engine car :P

    Plus she got a RM50,000 discounton the 323i 2012, which is the production model prior to the 3 series refresh for 2012.