Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Teana - Nissan's Luxyry Liner

I've often wondered how a company that manufactures a super car like the GTR could come up short when it came to designing luxury sedans. None of the luxury models produced by Nissan could measure up to those produced by premium marquees like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and Volvo... that is until now.

Imagine a GTR in your driveway and next to it is the new Nissan Teana - not a Mercedes or BMW but a brand new luxury Nissan sedan. Personally, I think I'd be very, very satisfied.

Unlike the old Nissan Teana, this new one is more contemporary looking and can easily pass off as a top executive car. Nevermind that it's a bit late on the scene.

So, if I were super duper rich and could choose whichever brand for my personal fleet of automobiles, I'd go with the Nissan - from the GTR for weekend driving, to the Teana for being schaufer driven, to the cute little Nissan March for going to the cramp night market, etc.


  1. Is this basically a re-badged Renault Safrane/Samsung MS5? I remember driving a Safrane for a brief period of time a while ago, and I wasn't impressed with the interior at all... It felt like a Grand Scenic with a bit of plush. Since the Teana is a local product, can you provide some interior pics?

    P.S - Love your blog, and I would not mind if you followed me back. :) Thanks

  2. Nice looking blog you have there, Dimiter. Impressive :)