Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Trade-in Your Old Rims - Sell Them via Mudah.my

Many car enthusiasts make the mistake of trading in old rims when upgrading to new ones. Most of the time, we get much less than what we feel our old rims are worth.

Sometimes, the offer we get is so low, it's actually insulting.

For instance, the trade-in offer that I got from Eneos for my Kia Forte 17-inch rims was a measly RM500.

Supposedly, there was not much value to the Kia Forte 17-inch rims. My old Nexen ZR tyres fetched a higher value of RM400, which meant that my rims were valued at only RM100 by Eneos.

This is, of course, ridiculous. Yes, my rims are used rims, but they are in good condition - no curb marks/scratches or dents and they've never been reconditioned. With a little buffing, you'd have difficulty telling the difference between newly fitted Kia Forte rims and my old rims.

So, instead of trading them in at Eneos, what I did was advertise my old rims at Mudah.my. RM800 for 4 of them.

Within an hour of my advertisement going up, I received an email from a prospective buyer who expressed interest in buying my old rims.

Fancy that! From RM100 to RM800. That's 800% more than what Eneos was offering.


Addendum: The rims are sold, thanks to Mudah.my. Goes to show, you don't have to be reliant on second hand cars/parts dealers to get your money's worth.

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