Monday, May 23, 2011

Mahindra Scorpio - Oh! Hell, No

Subang Parade played host to a tiny car exhibition last weekend and featured prominently was a white Mahindra Scorpio. Its presence was imposing but, in so many ways, the 4x4 2.2L turbo engine 7-seater was laughable.

The Scorpio’s workmanship quality was like so yesterday – unsightly gaps between the front bumper and headlights, unsightly gaps between the rear door and frame, nobly wheel pin caps, unrefined door opener (inside the cabin) that allows you to see internal mechanisms… and the list goes on.

What’s even more laughable is the Scorpio’s overall looks. Generally speaking, its design is like that of a military transport which had seen service in World War II.

Especially odd is the front door shape. It looks like something ripped out of a small lorry.

Of course, Mahindra designers have updated the Scorpios looks, somewhat. The front grill reminds me of Autobot Transformers, whereas the rear looks contemporary enough to pass the Scorpio off as a contender on par with Japanese luxury 4x4s.

Also, the Scorpio has a powerful turbo engine that allows it to go from 0-100KMh in 5.7 seconds, reportedly. That’s fast for a 4x4.

Unfortunately, the Scorpio has a poor crash test ANCAP rating of 2 without airbags. With airbags, it’s supposed to have a rating of 3 but a general search on the Internet via Google can't confirm this.

What’s more, the Scorpio appears to suffer from engine and auto-transmission problems, although, again, I can’t personally confirm this.

Still, the Scorpio had a most enthusiastic and convincing salesman at the Subang Parade car exhibition, such that my wife was taken in for a while. But with so many alarm bells ringing in my head and a heart that kept telling me “this thing ain’t right”, I eventually managed to convince her and my kids that the Scorpio is not only a poorly designed and manufactured car, it’s not very safe either, what with a questionably poor 3-star ANCAP rating.

If I were a business man who needed a cheap 4x4 with 7 seats, I’d consider the Scorpio, but I’d be really desperate to cut corners if I did - on the road price is RM98,000+. Otherwise, I’d go for the Toyota Land Cruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero Sport any day.


  1. Scrpio is my dream car from the very beginning when it was launched because I love the speed in indian road.

  2. If I were rich beyond reason, I'd buy a car for every purpose. That includes the Mahindra Scorpio - for rough off-road roundabout use.

    On tarmac, the car would be faster than average but I'd be worried about safety in case of accidents on the highway.

    So, drive safely dude. The Scorpio won't afford much protection in a crash.

  3. The Blogger is confused & not sure nor confirm btu he goes on giving his opinions,sounds a malaysian who cant afford to buy cars anymore but complex feel;ings and frustrations he vomits/

  4. Astrologer dude,

    You should have stuck to the facts and not have gotten personal.

    If you like the car and think it's the next best thing to sliced bread, then God bless.

    But when you get personal, it shows more about your poor ability to reason things properly than it does about what I said of the car.

    And since you got personal with me, let me return the (dis)favour in kind.

    Dude, go back to school and learn to speak and write proper basic English. It's evident from your poor grasp of the language that it's you who's confused and wrecked with mixed feelings.

    In short, b****r-off!

  5. Come on u silly A****e!
    Scorpio is a best looking SUV than any other so called suv...
    it has a good look as well as good features like ABS, Airbags, 4wd with super cool mHAWK engine specially designed by mahindra.
    hmmm i know the quality of material used in scorpio is so cheap, yuppp i also admit that IT IS A CHEAP QUALITY MATERIAL.
    but compare to other good things IT IS THE BEST SUV, I LOVE SCORPIO & i dont care for some Bu**** people who hate it only because of complex feelings :-(

  6. Gosh, you've really been swooned by the scorpio, haven't u? Well, if it makes u happy, God bless.

    But just as u have the right to your opinion about the car, I have the right to mine. And if you really didn't care about what people say, then why get personal with me?

    In any case, if the scorpio were truly the best suv around, then the sales figure for it should also prove it. Yet, it doesn't, does it? In fact, it's the worst selling suv in malaysia and among the worst selling in other overseas markets.

    But u like it still. That's your choice. No need to get personal with people who don't agree with u - that's really kindergarten behaviour, dude.

  7. look Mr.Grinner's, the thing is some people really don't have knowledge about good & Best things.
    if you felling bad because of any of my words then I AM REALLY SORRY coz i am not interested in fighting for Complex feelings and all that. in fact i think that this world should come together to fight with the problems raised due to man kind.
    & about Mahindra SCORPIO, i love that car only because it is tough & sturdy, also good looking.
    price of SCORPIO is very less compare to other SUV's & it is a very good vehicle to drive

    i dont't want to fall in a battle of that B*&^^ rationalism, I HATE IT

    & why we people are fighting for SCORPIO as owner of mahindra is not going to pay you OR even ME!

    you don't like that SUV thats your choice & I LOVE IT & it is up to my choice....

    Really sorry if somebody felt bad because of my words, :(

    after reading your rely, i really felt sorry
    good life ahead
    take care

  8. Hey guys!!
    I dont know about the ratings..
    I dont know if i have complex problem..
    I dont know if my basic english if up to the mark..
    I dont know if i am getting personal..
    I dont know if these continuity that i am using after every sentence is right or wrong..
    I dont know if the ANCAP rating is 2 or 3..
    But i know one thing for sure.. That i crashed in my scorpio at 145kms/hr head on with a loader and i am still surviving with the other three co-passengers, without any serious injuries.. and i am going for yet another scorpio next weak. It may be the worst fucking vehicle in this world but i just love it!!!

  9. "In any case, if the scorpio were truly the best suv around, then the sales figure for it should also prove it. Yet, it doesn't, does it? In fact, it's the worst selling suv in malaysia and among the worst selling in other overseas markets".
    Are u telling that the best car have the biggest sa;es figure Mr Grinners??...think before you make a ststement..myvi sold in huge is myvi the best car in Malaysia?..h

  10. Wait, wait, wait. So, what you're saying is that the best car should have the worst sales figure? Since you obviously are implying that the Myvi is not the best car because it has the best sales figure. This is your twisted logic?

    Dude, you can't even make decent sense of what I was actually saying. You really shouldn't try to twist my words to suit your silly argument/(ill)logic.

    It's you who should really think about what to say before saying something...

  11. Hi, just revisiting, I'm sure i've read this post when they had the exhibition at subang. They had the scorpio parked next to a hummer. Sorry to see the kind of replies you've received.

    Myself I liked the scorpio :) even test driven it. I would say, it could be better. It is a serious 4x4, and is good value for what you get. And what with the taxes imposed, the scorpio will find it difficult to justify a competitive price in malaysia. If we compare our local cars from proton or perodua, we get the latest models and accessories. Whereas for the scorpio, we are only offerred the 2.2 automatic model.

    It is not surprising that it isnt getting the exposure that it should, and I guess it was the minor details that would encourage customers here look for alternative 7 seaters. Its been a year now, but I haven't seen a single one of these white scorpios. However, I still see some of the previous models of scorpios. There is also an emerging number of china-made cars.

  12. Looking back, i's a good thing my wife and I didn't buy the Mahindra Scorpio. We'd be one of the only few in Malaysia to own it, leading to spare parts issues ranging from shortage of parts to replacement cost.

  13. Mahindra Scorpio was a huge success for Mahindra at that time because Mahindra has always enjoyed a tag of tractor,truck,loading cars tag and people trust it blindly but Scorpio has transferred the Mahindra into a completely new track of luxury off roaders.

  14. Well, when you turn a workhorse into a luxury model without doing enough to make it a true luxury model, it remains a workhorse with some luxury trimmings.

    A better marketing strategy would probably be to promote the Mahindra Scorpio as a pure workhorse that promises the best bang for your ringgit.

    That would have helped to ensure a larger following among the merchant/small businesses community in Malaysia.

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