Friday, October 22, 2010

Get a Clunker - Almost Everyone Needs One

Clunkers. They can drain you of cash and pile your debt up to your nose. That's why you get rid of them for brand new or relatively new cars that don't act up as often or strand you on your way to work or to somewhere else important.

Yet, clunkers are something you don't really worry about when it comes to parking in dodgy places. Just leave them in open car parks or dark basements, and they'll still be there when you return to them.

Why? Because no one really wants to steal clunkers. It's just too much trouble for too little gain.

By contrast, if you have to go to dodgy places with your brand new Honda or Toyota, you'd think twice about leaving it unattended. Why? Chances are, they'll get stolen.

And this was exactly what happened to my sister's relatively new Honda Accord 2.4L. While I still don't think it's a very good car, it appears to be in high demand among car thieves, such that hers was stolen almost as soon as she left it unattended in an open car park somewhere in Damansara.

OK, she may have neglected to use a steering lock and/or a brake lock, which was why I believe her car was targeted among the many, many new cars in the open car park. Even if she had used either or both of those things, they are not foolproof measures against determined car thieves - at best, they are initial deterrents.

So, now, my sister is utterly sad and utterly without a car.

However, had she owned a clunker, I believe she would still have both her clunker and her new Honda Accord.

In other words, if you have a clunker and are thinking about getting rid of it, well, think again. It still has its uses. Besides, you're not going to get much for it anyway.

If you don't have one anymore and if you think you're going to be going to dodgy places often enough, perhaps you should get a clunker of your own, like a cheap Kancil or even a Kembara.

Me? I'm getting my Kembara soon. In the event that I have to go places where I don't want to have to worry about my car being stolen, I'd use my Kembara.


  1. One of my friend's friend owned a biru nila proton saga. As usual he parked it by the road side outside his apartment and was stolen. Everyone was surprised because it was a clunker.
    Afterwards he bought himself a huge MPV.

  2. LOL. That clunker of his was stolen for spare parts I'm sure.

    Car thieves are opportunistic bastards. Give them half a chance to steal your car, they'll grab it.

    That's why I'd still use a steering lock and a gear lock for the Kembara I'll be getting soon. You can't be too careful, even with clunkers.

    Also, I'll be sure to park it next to expensive, relatively new cars, so that it looks less attractive to car thieves when parked next to those cars :P

  3. Hondas are in demand dating as far back as 99 when it all started with the Civic... Thieves are stupid people. I'd never steal a Honda even if it had its windows down, and the key in the ignition.

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