Monday, April 5, 2010

Ford's Popularity Going Up, Says Sime Darby

With a high total cost of ownership, one can't help but feel rather surprised by Sime Darby Motor Division's claim that the Ford's popularity is going up in Malaysia. Perhaps when you have an increase in sales, no matter how meagre, such a claim may be justified, if only barely.

Having owned a Ford Focus S2.0 for slightly over 3 years, I can attest to the fact that the car is really expensive to repair or maintain. While it doesn't need repairs very often, when the occasion warrants it, the bill can easily come up to thousands of ringgit.

Just a few months back, I had to replace a faulty left-front-side brake calipers along with disc and pads. Guess how much I was set back by? A whopping RM3,900!

What the hell? If I wanted to spend that much on repairs or maintenance, I would have bought a BMW or a Mercedes.

So, I really can't see why a lot of people would consider Ford to be "popular".

Why did I buy mine? Well, looking back, I was simply too happy to buy my Ford Focus S2.0, because I'm a Ford Focus enthusiast. Beyond that, I think I would have bought something else if I really considered how much the repair bills would amount to.

Would I still recommend buying a Ford? Well, on the balance, I would, provided you're an enthusiast like me.

You see, the Focus S2.0 is comparable in performance to the BMW 32oi, if not better. It costs less than half the BMW 320i to own.

So, while you may end up paying as much to repair or maintain the Focus S2.0 or some other new Ford for that matter, you're getting performance on the cheap.

For now, I can live with that.


  1. Hi Grinner, WOW the repair really cost a bomb. Just want to know the thing u mentioned "brake calipers along with disc and pads" is not under ford warranty list?

    I'm not a Ford owner but has been testing the car for the past few weeks, and I must conclude the fact that It is indeed a great car. I mean in terms of the engine and comfort level, it's so different as compared to Japanese car. I would like to ask for your advice whether it's recommended to buy a used Ford Focus 1.8 GHIA? Of coz I like it, it's just the maintenance part I know it's expensive but does it always cause problem? or any major/common problem occur in FF? Would appreciate if you could list down some of the problem, THANKS


  2. Hi Pat,

    The Ford Focus is a great car. It doesn't have issues often. Months upon months can pass by before you actually have to do anything to fix it.

    When you do, be prepared to part with quite a bit of money. This is what I can't afford to do moving forward, as my debts are piling...

    I have to part with my baby. I'm selling her for RM61,000.


  3. Oh, by the way, the problems I faced doesn't seem common - at least not the ones that needed fixing, since they don't occur regularly enough.

  4. your blog made me think twice to get ford focus. i seriously wanna get a ford focus 2.0 pre-owned from jalan ipoh branch at 95k year 2009 (1000km plus mileage). i heard so much of ford focus superb handling and driving experience. besides, i thought that it is a good deal and has far better overall package than peugeot 308 and honda civic. with your comments, i think I have to switch to my original options in between kia forte or nissan latio or peugeot 308vti.

  5. Hi Shah,

    Yes, well, if you want performance, then you have to pay for it. That's a hard lesson I learnt owning my darling Focus for 3+ years.

    Recently, my gearbox was destroyed. I've only done slightly more than 80,000km and the gear-oil+filter change kicks in at 100,000km. This means the entire gearbox needs changing out - brand new costs RM24,000+ and rebuilt costs RM10,000+.

    So, you can imagine the agony I'm going through now. I have to go to a bank to finance the repairs.

    Better for you to stick to Kia Forte, which is what I'm getting after I hand over my darling Focus to its new owner.

    Forget the Nissan Latio - it's old and not up-to-date like the Forte.

    Forget the Peugeot 308vti - maintenance will likely kill you like the Focus. Both are continental cars with supply chain issues.

  6. hi uncle faiz,
    my friend is interested in buying focus but i told him the maintenance cost is high. the new focus will come out next year as well.. any comment?

  7. The new Focus may have upgraded parts that don't break down as easily. I don't know.
    What I do know is that I'm one of those unlucky ones with a Focus that had auto-gearbox problem. I had to pay nearly RM14,000 to get it fixed.
    It shouldn't have happened since I followed the service manual instructions and sent the car for servicing with Ford, except for tyres.
    Also, from my servicing records, I realised that my repair bills were extraordinarily high compared to my bills for my Waja.
    I know that Focus parts would be more expensive than Proton parts, but we're talking like six to eight times more expensive. This is unreasonable considering that Ford is supposed to be about affordability, at least in Europe.
    Ford cars are relatively cheap to buy, relative to Honda and Mitsubishi, but it's expensive to own.
    I'd never recommend Ford to anyone other than someone who can afford the repair bills or someone who knows how to source for parts from Taiwan or via ebay.
    Also, if you can afford the repair bills, Mazda is far more reliable, based on my experience with the Mazda 6.

  8. Salam Bro Grinner, long time no see you in FOMEC, you used to be one of our active members though. What's the story of your FF? Sadly to agree that, maintaining a FF is a costly relationship. I was just being informed that my aircond is leaking. What a mess...

  9. Salam Abeanda,

    I'm no longer active at FOMEC because I've sold off my Focus S2.0. It's just not worth it in the end, especially after having to overhaul my auto-gearbox at the cost of RM13,799.

    It would have been tolerable if the car didn't have such a major reliability issue. I would have still carried on despite the costly spare parts like brake disks, engine mounting, aircon, etc. But when the gearbox broke down in just over 3 years, I thought, "Right, I've had it with this car."

    In fact, I feel so betrayed that I've completely "had it" with Ford. I'm absolutely against all things Ford now - trucks, cars, vans, etc.

    I'll blog about this some more. Right now, I'm just too depressed to be writing much about cars, especially since I've been without one for nearly 3 months.

    Meanwhile, all the best with your Focus. I hope you're luckier than me.