Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wife Buying a New Car - Oh! Be Still My Beating Heart

It's nice to be able to buy a new car every few years. That's what my wife is about when it comes to owning cars.
I consider myself lucky because I'm married to someone who can do this and with cars that are above mid-range.
For instance, after owning a Kia Spectra for just over two years, she pooled her resources to buy the 1st generation Madza6 in mica-black (CBU with 8 airbags) about five years back. Of course, I had a hand in encouraging her to get the car, because I liked it and I'd get to drive it on weekends :P
Still, it's not my car. I can't really drive it to the hilt and, on weekdays, I have to go back to driving my own car.
Don't get me wrong. I love my Ford Focus S2.0 to bits. In terms of performance, the Focus is faster and more nimble than the wife's Mazda6.
It's just that in many other respects, e.g. spaciousness and prestige, the Mazda6 is better than the Focus.
Now that the wife wants to buy a better car, I also feel that I want a new car - I'm thinking of getting the new Kia Forte 2.0L.
Oh! Be still my beating heart. My money is needed elsewhere.
So, for now, I'll just sponge off the wife by driving her new car when she lets me :D

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  1. sorry, i rather a CBU Japanese sedan than a Philippines built car. The QC is slightly better than Proton or Asean Toyota onli. The Focus here does not feel as solid as the Focus I drove abroad. In fact when I hit some potholes, the car seriously felt like an Asean Japanese car.
    The new Mazda handles like Continentals, but fuel consumption sucks. Bigger, but still agile, the 6 rocks!