Thursday, February 18, 2010

Proton has Quality Issues, Still

It's not my intention to turn my blog site into a Proton hating site. I just want to share a piece of advice I gave to a friend recently about buying a Waja.

Having been a proud owner of a first generation Waja 1.6L (M), I can say that the car has good acceleration and handling for something bulky that comes with a relatively puny engine. I spent more than RM10K doing it up so that it could go faster and handle corners better, aside from looking better as well.

So, when a friend asked what I thought of the Waja and if I'd recommend buying one, I felt rather mixed.

I like the Waja a lot. Yes, it looks dated now. Still, it has a lot going for it.

At the same time, Protons are known to have annoying quality issues. My first generation Waja had loads of them and, after taking a cursory survey among Proton owners, I've deduced that nothing much has changed.

Yes, Proton has improved somewhat in relation to quality. At the same time, it's not quite there either.

My mother-in-law recently took delivery of a Savvy AMT. Guess what? Something underneath its chassis rattles annoyingly when it's cruising.

This only strengthened my belief, based on my cursory survey, that Protons aren't quite there yet when it comes to quality control.

So, my final advice to my friend was, "Waja is good. Proton has quality issues." If you don't mind spending time going back and forth to the Proton service centre to repair a brand new Proton car, then, go ahead. If you're too busy for that, buy a different marque.

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