Friday, December 4, 2009

Prince Court Medical Centre - So Good to be At, You Almost Wish You Could Stay

Hospitals aren't usually places you'd want to stay for very long. They're places you go to as a last resort in order to get your health back up.

So, imagine yourself going to a hospital that looks like a hotel. It's so great to be in, you actually don't mind staying longer.
Well, that's what Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) is like. The crown jewel of Malaysia's private medical sector, it has many of Malaysia's best doctors and many of the best and latest medical equipment money can buy.

Best of all, the medical fees at PCMC are comparable to those of Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), Gleneagles Medical Centre and Pantai Medical Centre. So, don't let the five star hotel ambiance scare you.

And don't let rumours sway you either. Apparently, some people have said that PCMC's doctors are 'not so good'.
What a laugh!

You don't get hired to work as a consultant at PCMC if your credentials aren't above board. Lest we forget, these consultants include those who also work or have worked at SJMC, Gleneagles and Pantai.

If you can afford to go to the private sector for medical services, PCMC should be at the top your list of considerations.


  1. Where is this PCMC anyways ?

    ~Seaport's Billy Ocean~

  2. It's near KLCC. From Sungai Besi, it's on the left side of Jalan Tun Razak, just before KLCC.
    Don't take the underpass to KLCC.

  3. Nice, I just want to see better service for the poorer Malaysians.

  4. Well, the relatively poorer would be able to afford PCMC if they could afford SJMC.

    For hard core poor, they could strive for referrals to the Putrajaya medical centre, which I heard is also good.