Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peugeot 308 – Ugly in a Nice Way

The Peugeot 308 Turbo is reasonably affordable at RM111,000. Although it is powered by 1.6L engine, it can churn out up to 150Bhp, thanks to the turbo addition.
This allows the 308 Turbo to be both fuel economical as well as powerful.
Unfortunately, the 308 Turbo looks like an old 307 that has been squashed at the front by a giant’s foot – not a pretty sight.
Some cars look pretty while standing still. Some cars look pretty when on the move.
Some cars look pretty when standing still and on the move.
The 308 Turbo? It just looks frekking ugly.
And then something happens. Your eyes adjust, you get used to the lines and curves, and all of a sudden, it becomes cute.
Nothing about the car has changed. It’s your preference that’s changed.
And that’s pretty much how the evolution of car design takes place. What’s butt ugly one day becomes beautifully trend setting the next.
My Ford Focus S2.0’s warranty period is coming to an end soon. And if I decide to buy a replacement, after the end of that period, it’d probably be the 308 Turbo.


Addendum: I've made arrangements for test-driving the 308 Turbo this weekend in Bangsar, KL. This would give me a chance to compare the 308 Turbo's performance against the Ford Focus S2.0's performance.
Will blog about the experience soon.

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