Friday, June 19, 2009

Coppas are Only Human Too

Trolling the Internet for pictures of Malaysian traffic coppas, I came across this ludicrous picture of two coppas doing the funny. It's probably reckless and illegal, but, hey, coppas are only human too, no?
And we do what we must to get by, yes?
Speaking of being human, I have a sneaky feeling that coppas don't think that speed limits on Malaysian roads are realistic. One of them is a big bike coppa who was cruising on the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) early this morning.
He was definitely ignoring the speed limit and so was I. In fact, I was zooming on the NPE so fast that I nearly didn't notice the big bike coppa in the middle lane.
I quickly slowed down and prayed that the coppa wouldn't flag me down.
Guess what? He didn't appear to have noticed me at all.
Of course, I kept to the slow speed - didn't want to provoke the guy. But as soon as we reached the toll booths, he took the left fork to Bangsar and I zoomed off to the right fork towards KLCC at my usual sprinting speed.
Good on you, coppa. Us speed lovers really don't think that 80 Km/h is realistic for a 3-lane highway anyway :)

* Picture courtersy of BerFil at


  1. Great pic! And I am not saying a word about your speedy driving. Not. One. Word.

    :-) E.

  2. LOL. Thanks.
    Emm... I think you said at least three - "your speedy driving" :P